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The "AppStops" project was founded in 2016. More than 300 thousand people already trust us! 🀯

πŸ“¦ After making a purchase you receive:

πŸ”‘ Login and password for your account

πŸ“š Detailed installation instructions

πŸ”° Warranty for the purchased product (in case of incorrect data, we guarantee you a replacement at no additional cost)

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Additional Information

πŸ“‘ Additional information:

⏳ Access to your account is provided for 3 days

🧨After installing an application or game, it is not recommended to delete anything

πŸ™Œ Downloaded applications will work until you delete them yourself

πŸ“΅ It is prohibited:

• Entering account data into iCloud (to avoid problems, please read the instructions carefully πŸ“–

• Buy anything on your account πŸ›’

• Change any information in your account πŸ“

⚠️ Reminder:

πŸ“€ If you have any problems, contact the seller!

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